phil is the most adorable little sack of love ever


some of Dan’s thoughts on abuse in the YouTube community.

 i make videos about how awkward i am and people laugh at me 

laneyloooo SAID:
How did you discover Dan and Phil?

Hey Laney :) For those of you who may not know, this blog is currently run by 3 admins, so obviously I can’t answer on everyone’s behalf. I’ll leave it open to Sean and Bridge to add their own thoughts. ^__^

I discovered Dan and Phil quite a while ago now. Not sure what year it was, but it was through CTFxC. They went to Jamaica alongside Charles Trippy and Alli Speed, and appeared in numerous vlogs. I thought they seemed lovely and went to check out their channels, and have been subscribed ever since. :) - Aimee

I actually discovered both of them in like 2011 I think off of this Livejournal community I was a part of… Oh those were the days. I believe it was the British pancakes video I saw first? And then I subscribed to both of them and now here we are. - Sean

P.S. Thank you for the message! We try to answer all the ones we get and this was a great question! ^__^


'voldemort's pretty fit tbh'

'i’d bang voldemort’

punkrockflutesolo SAID:
Can I have one? I'm Katie Plays on youtube, I only have 28 subscribers lol

Oh I’m going to break the rules this once. This once. Only because the applications for our promo came in thick and fast, and you were just beaten to the post. Plus I’m a huge pushover who finds it incredibly hard to deny anyone of a request. Here you go. <(^__^<)

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