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Anonymous: There's a video Phil with his mom. And Phil always talks about his mom and loves her so much, this is clear. But Dan doesn't talk about his mother like Phil does. Why is that? Is Dan have some issues with his parents or something?

I don’t think that’s the case. There could be a number of reasons as to why he hasn’t made a video with his parents… maybe his family doesn’t want to be on camera, maybe he doesn’t have a video idea that would incorporate them, or perhaps they’re too busy. He also lives away from home, so that might be as issue too. Or he wants to keep his private life just that - private. 

Either way, it’s not something we should be concerned over. I know personally, I probably wouldn’t make a video with my parents, but that’s just me. 

- Sean

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Anonymous: How did Phil and Dan meet Pj and Chris?

Well I’m pretty sure that they all met through youtube. I believe that Phil met PJ towards the beginning of his youtube career. He knew PJ before he met Dan. So it’s fair to assume that Dan and PJ met through Phil. I believe that Dan and Phil met online, found that they had a lot in common including a mutual friend in Manchester. As for Chris, I’m not too sure, but I do know that Phil met him through youtube after meeting PJ. 

- Aimee

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Anonymous: When Did Dan and Phil Say they weren't Dating can I have a link please I just can't believe it I love them so much

You can still love them regardless of whether or not they’re together! This was the only post I could find from Dan’s tumblr page, but I know he’s posted a great deal more than this regarding the whole issue. Trouble is that his tumblr goes way way back, and I don’t have the time to find the long ranty post that I vaguely remember (which Dan may have deleted at a further date anyway). If I ever stumble across it I’ll let you know.

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Anonymous: Thank you! I did some research but everyone's saying different things. Some were saying they dated in 2010 but broke up in a really short time. Some were saying they're bi but never dated. I just wanted to be sure and obviously you have so much information about them so I wanted ask you :) Thanks again

You’re very sweet! Thank you :) 
I can’t speak on Sean’s behalf, but despite being subscribed to the two of them for 4 years, I know no more than you do at this point. Though I’ve been led to believe that they’re no more than just good friends. Me and Sean aren’t shippers, but we welcome them - so long as they aren’t disruptive to Dan & Phil’s lives by falsifying information. 

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Anonymous: I was just asking something. You could have just answer it

I’m sorry if you thought I was being rude. Dan and Phil have said that they are not dating, so they aren’t boyfriends, and since this is not a shipping blog, we aren’t actively encouraging anyone to think otherwise. 

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Phil + Dan

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This is a blog dedicated to Dan (danisnotonfire), Phil (AmazingPhil) & the little things we notice about them. ^__^ Feel free to submit your ideas for "little things" via the submit page or our ask box.



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